Toronto To Montreal Train

If you are planning a trip to Canada, a train ride from Toronto to Montreal is an excellent idea.In addition to saving time, you will also have the option of enjoying some of canada's most spectacular attractions. These two iconic cities can be reached by high-speed rail in just five hours!

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Toronto to Montreal By Train

Departure/Arrival Stations
Departure/Arrival Stations
Distance by train


by train

541,6km (336,5 mi)
Estimated Travel Time


Travel Time

5 hours
Approximate Ticket Cost:


Ticket Cost:


Toronto to Montreal Train Information

Toronto to Montreal is about 332 miles (535 km) away, and traveling by train takes 5 hours 1 minute on average.​

The train travels from Toronto to Montreal 5 times a day, and tickets start at about $98 when booked in advance.

The most pleasant way to see charming Canada is to take a scenic train ride from Toronto to Montreal. There are trains operated by VIA Rail Canada that cover a distance of 535 kilometers (332 miles) in just over five hours and offer excellent service to the passengers aboard. In addition to this, you will also have a chance to see spectacular views of Ontario Lake along the way.
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Toronto to Montreal Train Schedule

Want to know the entire schedule for your Toronto to Montreal train? Take a look at the table below to see the times of earliest and latest departures, the shortest travel times, and the number of departures per day.

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VIA Rail Express Train Toronto to Montreal

Trains operated by VIA Rail Express offer a range of services. Passengers have access to a dedicated entertainment network and free WiFi. There is also the option of purchasing meals and snacks made with Canadian ingredients on VIA Rail trains. VIA Rail offers a wide range of activities to entertain children. Restrooms are available on every train.At the beginning of every trip, employees check the passengers' health. A simple health questionnaire and a physical examination are conducted before boarding.

Toronto to Montreal Train Classes

VIA usually offers two classes of service on its Toronto to Montreal trains: Economy class and Business class. There are some differences between the two classes. The economy class offers total comfort at an affordable price. Whether traveling for work or pleasure, Business class is the most convenient way to travel. You'll have access to power outlets so you can charge your laptop, as well as other advantages. There are some Saturday and Sunday departures when business class is not available.

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FAQ About Train From Toronto to Montreal

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Toronto to Montreal Train Map

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