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There is no better way to travel along the Toronto - Vancouver rail line than the Canadian train with an annual ridership of over 82k people. Economy, Sleeper, and Prestige travel classes are available onboard, so everyone can find an option that fits their travel plans and budget for the trip. The Canadian is extremely well-equipped for long journeys of this duration, as the distance between the terminal stations is almost 4 days. In addition to sleeping arrangements for one, two, or three people, multiple catering facilities are also available, such as a dining car, a Skyline Cafe, take-out, and even a private dining room for those traveling in Prestige Class. ​

The Canadian VIA Rail Train Classes

There are three types of classes for travel with VIA Rail The Canadian train: economy, sleeper plus and prestige class. Each class has its own features. Cjoosing economy class, passengers are available with comfotable and spacious seats for affordable price. Sleeper Cabins and Prestige Class Cabins offer passengers meal service, beverages, access to different cars, washroom and shower access and even personal concierge services. Prestige Class provides more spacious cabins that are equipped with a modular leather sofa which can be transformed into a bed.

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