Montreal Train Station Gare Centrale

895 Rue De La Gauchetière O, Montréal,
​QC H3B 4G1
Business Hours

Business Hours:

From Monday to Saturday
05:30 to 23:00
07h30 to 23h00​


Bus/shuttles/subway stations nearby,
bike services, taxi, parking​

Montreal Central Train Station Overview

Montreal Central Station (French: Gare centrale de Montréal) is Montreal's primary intercity railroad station and commuter rail hub, serving over eleven million passengers each year. It is proudly ranked as the second-busiest train station in Canada.
  • ​The station, located in the heart of Montreal, is decorated both inside and outside with bas-relief friezes. It is convenient to reach Montreal Central via the Montreal Metro system, which is connected to the station.

Travelers are welcome to enjoy the Montréal Gare Centrale services, such as:
  • bicycle boxes
  • newspapers
  • photo machines
  • car rental
  • vending machines
  • exchange office
  • washrooms
  • waiting room
  • elevator for people with disability.
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VIA Rail Montreal Gare Centrale Facilities

Restaurant menu
Parking nearby
Wheelchair Access

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