Ottawa To Quebec Train

It takes around 6 hours for the via rail high-speed train to take you from Ottawa to Quebec. Tickets sell out quickly, so book them in advance. The train trip from the majestic capital to the north east part of Canada is something you won't want to miss!

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Ottawa to Quebec By Train

Departure/Arrival Stations
Departure/Arrival Stations
Distance by train


by train

448 km
Estimated Travel Time


Travel Time

6 hours
Approximate Ticket Cost:


Ticket Cost:


Ottawa to Quebec City Train Information

An average journey by train from Ottawa to Quebec takes about six hours, covering a distance of about 278 miles (448 km).

Trains run from Ottawa to Quebec three times a day, with tickets starting at $116 if purchased in advance.

FQuebec is the most populous and the largest French-speaking province in north east Canada, and it is the largest and most populous province of the country. Visitors to Ottawa can enjoy some of the most exciting attractions, celebrations, and flavors that Canada has to offer. The Gare du Palais in Quebec City offers direct trains to Ottawa Train Station, allowing excellent connections with Ottawa.
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Ottawa to Quebec City Train Schedule

Looking for a timetable for trains from Ottawa to Quebec? Find out which departure times are earliest and latest, and which is the fastest trip in the table below.

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VIA Rail Express Train Ottawa to Quebec

With VIA Rail Express trains, you can expect to be able to take advantage of a large number of services. WiFi is provided for free to all passengers, and a dedicated entertainment network is available. All trains are equipped with restrooms. On VIA Rail trains, passengers can also purchase Canadian snacks and meals. For children, VIA Rail offers a variety of activities to keep them entertained.
Additionally, employees conduct health checks for visible signs of illness and ask simple health questions before passengers are allowed to board a train.

Ottawa to Quebec Train Classes

From Ottawa to Quebec, VIA Rail trains operate in two classes: Economy and Business. You can choose between Economy and Business depending on your needs. It is affordable and comfortable to take Economy class. Whether you are traveling for pleasure or for work, the Business class is the best option as you will get a delicious meal, a power outlet where you can charge your laptop, and many other benefits.

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FAQ About Train From Ottawa to Quebec City

Would you like to find out more about your trip from Ottawa to Quebec? For your convenience, we've gathered our most frequently asked questions to help you plan your trip.

Ottawa to Quebec Train Map

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