Montreal To Quebec Train

One of the most convenient ways to travel in Canada is by train. High-speed trains from Montreal to Quebec provide essential amenities to ensure a comfortable and safe journey. ​

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Montreal to Quebec By Train

Departure/Arrival Stations
Departure/Arrival Stations
Distance by train


by train

269 km
Estimated Travel Time


Travel Time

3 hours
Approximate Ticket Cost:


Ticket Cost:


Montreal to Quebec Train Information

Traveling from Montreal to Quebec by train takes approximately 3 hours 31 minutes, covering a distance of about 167 miles (269km).

Montreal to Quebec is normally serviced by 3 trains per day, and tickets price starts at $105 if you book in advance.

Travel from Montreal where you will experience the cosmopolitan urban feel, to a captivating Quebec City whose history is loaded with fascinating tales, on board a modern train which is totally safe and comfortable in every sense.
It takes less than four hours to reach the destination via the direct express train, which offers economy and business classes. If you want to receive more information on the detailed train schedule from Montreal to Quebec, you should check out Rail.Ninja, which offers route planning, expert advice, and online booking for European trains.

Toronto to Montreal Train Schedule

Looking for the Montreal to Quebec train schedule? Check out the table below to discover when the earliest and latest trains depart,

the fastest trip times, and the number of departures per day.

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VIA Rail Express Train Montreal to Quebec

VIA Rail Express Trains offer many services. Wherever possible, meals and snacks are served on VIA Rail trains contain Canadian ingredients. Several activities are available for children on VIA Rail and all trains have restrooms. Passengers have access to a dedicated entertainment network and free WiFi is available.
​Health checks are conducted before passengers can board the trains. Employees check for visible signs of illness before boarding and ask simple health questions.

Montreal to Quebec Train Classes

On trains operated by VIA from Montreal to Quebec, there are generally two classes of service: Economy and Business. Each class has its own specific features depending on the class that you choose. The economy class offers great comfort for a low price. Choosing Business class is the most convenient method of traveling for work or pleasure, as you will be provided with a delicious meal, power outlets to charge your laptop, and other benefits. Some Saturday and Sunday departures are not available for business class.

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FAQ About Train From Montreal to Quebec

Would you like to find out more about your trip from Montreal to Quebec? For your convenience, we've gathered our most frequently asked questions to help you plan your trip.

Toronto to Montreal Train Map

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