Canada Trains: Map, Tickets & Schedule

Planning to travel across Canada? It is a good idea to take a train during your trip in order to see all the gorgeous places around you.

Canada Train Travel

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Railway in Canada Overview

VIA Rail Canada Inc. was established for the purpose of operating the national passenger rail services on behalf of the government of Canada. This included offering both intercity and regional rail services to communities in remote and regional areas. It is the objective of the national rail company to offer the Canadian passenger rail market a service which is reliable, efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly, thus meeting the needs of all Canadian passengers.

VIA Rail was founded with the vision of connecting and uniting Canada's cities and people with its safe, comfortable, and environmentally friendly service. Currently VIA Rail operates in eight provinces across Canada, with 494 trains covering a distance of over 7,800 miles. The route includes the unspoiled beauty that is the Canadian Rockies as well as the bustling metropolitan centers of both the East and West coasts of the country. You can also check Rail Ninja Reviews to find more information.
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The railway system in Canada is large and well-developed. It currently primarily transports freight. Canadian National (CN) and Canadian Pacific (CP) are the two major publicly traded transcontinental freight railway systems. VIA Rail, the federal rail corporation, provides nationwide passenger service. ​

Railway Stations in Canada

In Canada, trains are not only one of the most popular means of transportation for a number of travelers visiting the country but also for local citizens. Therefore, regional railway stations have been built according to modern standards of comfort to accommodate the needs of passengers.

​To ensure the passengers have an enjoyable experience on board, many Canadian train stations offer a wide variety of in-house facilities such as bicycle boxes, restaurants and snack bars, newspapers, ATMs, washrooms, telephones, and wireless internet access.​

VIA Rail Trains in Canada

Trains are one of the most convenient means of transportation in Canada that allows you to get from city to city without any hassle. Travelling by VIA trains in Canada offers the chance to enjoy the majestic landscape of the country, while at the same time experiencing an efficient and convenient way to travel.

Two of the most popular trains in Canada are VIA Express and The Canadian train. A Canadian train travels on a route between Toronto and Vancouver.

Train Classes on VIA Rail Trains

​Traveling across Canada by train with VIA Rail is a pleasure with comfortable seats and a pleasant atmosphere. Electrical outlets and Wi-Fi Internet access are available on most fleet vehicles. The type of equipment varies, and it depends on availability.

Economy class is the most affordable but also comfortable option on all trips. The business class is designed with the intention of letting you relax or get a bit of work done during your trip. What is more, business class provides meal and bar service.

Canada Railway Map and Main Routes

Traveling by train is a convenient, affordable, and comfortable way of experiencing Canada. VIA Rail travels mostly through the southern part of the country, where the population is mostly concentrated, but with a few excursions north. Quebec to Windsor is the busiest VIA Rail corridor, which includes Montreal and Toronto.

Canada's capital, Ottawa, provides access to both the south and north of the country by VIA Rail Express trains. For example, you can reach fascinating Quebec or exciting Toronto on modern and fast Ottawa - Quebec and Ottawa - Toronto trains in just a couple of hours.

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